Make your plans and book early to be sure to get exactly what you want. Many times you can even save money by early booking!

Just as much planning should be devoted to deciding where you will go after the wedding as the many hours of planning for the wedding itself. It is a chance to make one of your first major decisions together. An experienced travel counselor can assist in that department as do bridal consultants for the ceremony.

Today there are a tremendous number of choices. Choose a cruise or a tropical island. You might also consider being married aboard ship or at one of the many romantic destinations that abound. 

Let our counselors answer your questions, such as: "What happens when luggage is lost while traveling? What documentation will I need if going abroad? What is the climate like at the time of year we are going? What type of clothing will we need? When are high and low seasons in various parts of the world, such as Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico? How much money should we take with us?"


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